Levent Küey (Turkey)


Born in 1957, in Izmir, Turkey. As an AFS (American Field Service) Scholarships fellow, graduate of Gridley High School, Ill, USA, in 1975. Hospital practice in Lodz, Poland, in 1980, as a Medical Exchange Student. Graduate of the Medical School of Agean University, Izmir, Turkey, in 1981. Psychiatry residency training at the Psychiatry Department of the Medical School of Agean University (1981-1985). Fulfilling the requirements and passing the exams for Associate Professorship in Psychiatry in 1989. Assistant therapist of Psychodrama Group Psychotherapy, training affiliated by the Moreno Institute, Germany (1989-1993). Work, research and teaching experiences for over 30 years in different psychiatric institutional settings, including Mental Health Outpatient Dispensary (Ankara); Mental Health Hospital (Adana); Psychiatry Training Center in General Hospital (Izmir, İstanbul); Psychiatry (Izmir) and Psychology Departments (Istanbul) in Universities, and in private practice. Main fields of research and publication are depressive and anxiety disorders, psychiatric epidemiology, social psychiatry, psychopathology, diagnosis and classification; women`s mental health; stigma and public attitudes towards mental disorders; psychiatric training and accreditation; the use of artistic creativity in teaching psychopathology.

Recipient of the Research Award of Turkish Journal of Psychiatry (1997) for his researches on the “Distinctive and Overlapping Features of Depressive and Anxiety Disorders”. Founder, Executive Committee member (1995-2002) of Psychiatric Association of Turkey and Chair of the Scientific Section on Psychiatric Epidemiology (1995-2008); Member of Turkish Neuropsychiatric Society, Turkish Association of Social Psychiatry, Turkish Association of Psychodrama Group Psychotherapy; Secretary General of the Psychiatric Association of Izmir (1992-1999); Member of the Honorary Board of Izmir Chamber of Turkish Medical Association (1992-1994); Member of WHO working group on the implementation of a National Mental Health Plan for Turkey (1986-1989). Representative of Psychiatric Association of Turkey in UEMS Section & Board of Psychiatry (2000-2002). WPA Secretary General (2008-2014); Editor of WPA News (2008-2014); Editor of WPA Website (2008-2014).

WPA Board member-Zonal Representative for Southern Europe (2002-2008); Co-chair of WPA Standing Committee on Planning (2008-2014); Consultant member of WPA Operational Committee on Meetings (2005-2008). • WPA Honorary Member (2000); Member of WPA Scientific Sections on Classification, Diagnostic Assessment and Nomenclature, on Public Policy and Mental Health, on Transcultural Psychiatry, on Preventive Psychiatry, and on Psychopathology; Member of WPA-Institutional Program for Young Psychiatrists Fellowships (2005-2008); Advisory Council Member of WPA Institutional Program on the Psychiatry for the Person (2005-2008); Member of WPA Senior Educational Liaisons Network (2002–2008); Regional Coordinator of WPA European Region (2006-2008); Member of Scientific/Organizing Committees of WPA World Congresses of Psychiatry, International and Regional Congresses, and Thematic Conferences. Member of the Turkish-German Psychiatry and Psychotherapy Association.

Member of European Psychiatric Association (EPA) Board (2015-2019); Member of EPA Scientific Sections on Cultural Psychiatry and Psychopathology; Member of the Evaluation Committee in Psychiatry for the European Accreditation Committee (UEMS-EACCME); WPA Representative (2002-2008) in European Task Force of WPA-WHO-UEMS-AEP; Secretary General of this Task Force (2006-2008); Organizing Secretariat of the European Leaders Meetings of this Task Force (2006-2007); Member of the International Scientific Committee for Asian Federation of Psychiatric Association (AFPA) Congresses. Secretary General and/or Organizing and Scientific Committee Chair/Member in many international and national scientific meetings. • Lecturer/speaker at over 100 international scientific meetings. Author / translator of numerous books and scientific journal articles and book chapters. Member of the scientific boards and peer reviewer for the leading national and international journals in psychiatry.

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