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74 A Bizarre Style Of Genital Mutilation In A Patient With Schizophrenia:a Case Report CRS_P Ozlem Cetinkaya
327 Being A Woman With Familial Mediterranean Fever; An Auto-etnographic Study CRS_P Cigdem Yuksel
328 Medicalization Of Suicide In Spain CRS_P JosŽ Javier Plumed Domingo
565 Attention Of International Migrants Diagnosed With Incipient Psychosis In The District Of Ciutat Vella (barcelona, Spain). CRS_P Sonia Ortiz
680 The Effect Of Mindfulness Meditation Programs On Event-related Potentials, Perceived Stress And Quality Of Life Of Mental Health Professionals : A Pilot Study CRS_P Kyungchul Shin
23 Psychogenic Polydipsia (emotionally Thirsty) INT Samah H AH Rabei
34 Investigating The Effect Of Years Of The Psychiatry Residency On The Developing Physician-patient Empathy INT Susan Afghah
37 Heartmath And Global Coherence Initiatives For Research And Health Promotion INT Stephen D Edwards
43 Geriatric And Nongeriatric Psychiatry Consultation In A General Hospital In Taiwan INT Pochun Lin
44 Classification Stageing And Profiling Of SuÌøcidal Behavior INT Vos Beerthuis
47 A Mental Health Education Program To Enhance Student Functioning And Access To Care In Nicaragua INT Arun Ravindran
67 Psicofarma App INT Miguel Angel Cuquerella
78 Pharmacokinetic Considerations In The Treatment Of Hypertension In Risperidone-medicated Patients INT Georgios Schoretsanitis
86 Sexual Dysfunction And Sex Hormone Levels In Egyptian Opioid-dependent Males INT Dalia Enaba
88 Impact Of Political Violence On The Mental Health Of School Children In Egypt INT Suaad Moussa
98 Effects On Self Harm Nurse Follow Up On Repeat Attendances At Emergency Department INT Ray Paul
100 Can A Social Support Intervention Reduce Depression And Increase Wellbeing For Patients With Self Harm/ Suicidal Ideation? Findings From A Social Work Intervention Following Self Harm (swish) INT Nilufar Ahmed
103 PROMISE qualitative study: mental health patientsÕ and staff membersÕ experience of restraint and suggestions for reducing its use INT Ceri Wilson
171 Mediation In Mental Health INT Joaquin Lopez-Olaso
228 Responsiveness To Change And Concurrent Validity Of The Activity Participation Outcome Measure (apom) In Adolescent Mental Health Care Users INT Sayuri Pillay
264 Sociodemographic Profile Among Patients Who Has Depression With Suicide Intent Presented At Departments Of Psychiatry Lums, Scjip, Hyderabad And Dhq Hospital/ Pmc Faisalabad. INT Imtiaz Ahmad
279 Task Shifting Mental Healthcare In Rural Western Kenya INT Edith Kwobah
280 Alternatives To Inpatient Admissions before-after Study Of The Impact Of Intensive Transitional Treatment Program On Psychiatric Emergency Admissions & Length Of Stay On The Inpatient Unit INT Neeraj Bajaj
315 Development Of A Pilot Program To Integrate Mental Health In Primary Care In Fiji INT Fiona Charlson
317 The Significance Of The Personality Traits Of Schizophrenic Patients And Their Therapists For The Therapeutic Relationship INT Andrzej Cechnicki
325 Reorganization Of Psychiatric Nurse Role Components In A Psychiatric Unit To Improve The Quality Of Patient Care INT Celale Ozcan
326 A Review Of Applications For Voluntary And/or Assisted Mental Health Admissions Made To The Capricorn District Mental Health Review Board In Limpopo Province, South Africa INT Moloko Malema
340 South African Prescribers Opinions About Specialist Psychopharmacology Trained Clinical Psychologists As Non-medical Prescribers At Primary Healthcare Level INT Jh De Kock
343 Study Of Psychiatric Emergency Assessment Documentation In Canadian University Hospitals INT Sarah Penfold
365 Mapping Complementary And Alternative Mental Health Service Providers As De-facto Mental Health Providers In Ghana. INT Ruth Owusu-antwi
385 Antipsychotic Prescription Patterns And Discontinuation Of Usual Care Among Individuals With A First Episode Of Severe Mental Illness INT Shamima Saloojee
387 Education & Training Postgraduate Psychiatry In Egypt; Self Appraisal & Milestones To Successful Development. INT Hisham Ramy
484 (5as) Model For Dentist Training On Substance Abuse Brief Intervention INT Walid Hassan
509 Are Support And Treatment Interventions For Patients With Schizophrenia Spectrum Disorders Related To Their Levels Of Function, Cognition And Symptoms? INT Anna-Karin Olsson
519 A Service Audit of Children and Adolescents Presenting to a Secondary Acute Hospital in the UK: Interventions Offered and Comparison with National Guidelines INT Bryony Routledge
604 The Assessment And Management Of A Patient With A Mental Disorder: Comparing The Methods Of A Psychiatrist In Training With That Of A Traditional Healer By Using Mainly An Auto-ethnographic Approach In A Single Case. INT Raksha Singh
704 Psychodermatology: A Dermatology Point Of View INT Avumile Mankahla
705 Psychiatric Treatment Of A Health Care Worker After Infection With Ebola Virus In Lagos, Nigeria INT Abdulaziz Mohammed
725 Comprehensive Model Of Psychiatry Rehabilitation- Initial Experience INT Bir Singh Chavan
732 Using The Young Mania Rating Scale For Identifying Manic Symptoms In Patients With Schizophrenia INT Joonho Choi
733 Application Of Mobile App And Paper Survey Of Ptsd Checklist In The Korean Veterans Of The Vietnam War INT Tae Yong Kim
15 Rock Music As A Tool For Primary Prevention Of Psychiatric Disorders: Results Of Survey Conducted Among Pupils Who Participated The Rock Psychiatry Information Campaign In Finnish Schools INT Niklas Granš
14 Predictors Of Relapse In Treated Opioid Dependent Patients: A Prospective Cohort Study In Urban North India NS Malaya Kant Singh
41 Changes In Cognitive Function In Women With HIV Infection And Early Life Stress NS Georgina Spies
45 Coping Style And Executive Functioning After Trauma: Do They Mediate The Development Of Ptsd? NS Sharain Suliman
48 Establishing A Behavioral Support: A Model For Development NS Anna Lamikanra
50 Brain Volume Changes Following Treatment For Methamphetamine Use Are Associated With Impulsivity And Self-regulation: A Vbm Study NS Samantha Brooks
65 New-onset Psychosis In Patient With Untreated HIV: A Case Report NS Arthur Carter
66 New-onset Psychosis In Patient On Ketamine Treatment For Depression: A Case Report NS Arthur Carter
68 The Therapeutic Community
Addiction Treatment Model
NS Sushma Taylor
71 Combating Craving With Contingency Management: Neuroplasticity And Methamphetamine Abuse In South Africa. NS Lara Van Nunen
72 Evolution Of Function And Sleep In A Sample Of Schizophrenic Patients During One Year Of Treatment With Long Acting Injectable Paliperidone Palmitate NS Adolfo Benito
76 Schizoaffective Disorder. An Observational Descriptive Study In A Spanish Mental Health Hospital Service NS Sergio Arques
87 Glutathione As An Antioxidant Defence System In Schizophrenia And Bipolar Disorder NS Heba Fathy
89 Association Between Cognitive Functions, Cortisol Release And Symptoms Severity In Patients With Schizophrenia NS Heba Fathy
91 Stigma, Self Esteem And Depression In Adolescent Patients With Epilepsy NS Heba Fathy
114 Factors Affecting Quality Of Life And Family Burden Among The Families Of Patients With Schizophrenia NS Chul Eung Kim
117 Common Mental Disorder In Nyanza Province, Kenya In 2013 And Its Associated Risk Factors Ðan Assessment Of Change Since 2004, Using A Repeat Household Survey In A Demographic Surveillance Site NS Rachel Jenkins
120 Happiness: A Psychoneurobiological Literature Review NS Emmy Amalia
127 Analysis Of Internalized Stigma Amd Attitude To Medication In Schizophrenic Sample During One Year Of Treatment NS Adolfo Benito
144 The Normalization Of Brain F-18-fdg Hypometabolism Following Electroconvulsive Therapy In A Woman With Treatment-resistant Depression : Case Report NS Sehoon Shim
145 Age-related Differences In Suicidality Between Younger People And Older Adults With Depression: Data From A Nationwide Depression Cohort Study In Korea (the Crescend Study) NS Tae-youn Jun
146 Cacna1c Gene And Schizophrenia: A Case‰ÛÒcontrol And Pharmacogenetic Study NS Tae-youn Jun
154 Factors Affecting Psychiatric Disorders In Offspring Of Parents With Bipolar Disorder In South Korea NS Sehoon Shim
162 Cognitive Functions And Their Correlation With The Clinical Global Impression In Patients With Paranoid Schizophrenia NS Roserio Gutierrez Labrador
163 Insight, Therapeutic Adherence And Cannabis Use As Predictors Of Functionality In Paranoid Schizophrenia. NS Teresa Gonzalez Salvador
174 Drug-drug Induced Akathisia: Two Case Reports. NS Grace Owusu Aboagye
196 Tumor Necrosis Factor Receptor InPatients With Bipolar Disorder:A Case Controlled Study NS Aref Khoweiled
204 Associations between eating disorder symptom severity and attachment in adolescents NS Manuela Gander
206 Differentiation Between Adult Adhd And Bipolar Disorders: Clinical And Personality Dimensions. NS Javier Irastorza
217 Adverse Drug Reactions And Polymorphisms Of Cyp2d6 Genotype In Psychiatric Patients NS Eleonora Stella
224 Evaluation Of Parameters Of Physical Health And Metabolic Syndrome In Patients With Severe Mental Disorder After 36 Months Of Treatment With Paliperidone Palmitate NS Fernando De Montiano
227 Trauma type as a conditional risk factor for PTSD in a referred clinic sample of adolescents NS Jani Nothling
238 Description Of Antipsychotics Prescription Profile Among Psychiatric Inpatients At Two Brief Hospitalization Units NS Raquel Alvarez-Garcia
241 Treatment Outcomes In Patients With Alcohol Use Dependence In A Rehabilitation Programme NS Susanne Young
247 Usual Psychopharmacological Treatment In Adult Patients Diagnosed With Asd NS Bardolet Casas Concepcio
250 Paliperidone Palmitate: Continuation Rates And Patterns Of Treatment Discontinuation NS Sergio Sanchez Alonso
251 Impact Of Parent Training On Parent- Child Relationship Characteristics In Children With Adhd NS Niki M. Mofidi
275 Paliperidone Palmitate: Evaluation Of Effectiveness Using A Mirror Image Study NS Laura Mata Iturralde
276 Anticholinergic Drug Abuse In The Form Of Intramuscular Injection NS Chihchieh Chang
282 Paliperidone Palmitate Experience In The Treatment Of Chronic Psychotic Disorders Keeping In Outpatient : Six Months Follow Up. NS Santiago Navarro PŽrez
284 Violent Crime , Toxic Consumption And Personality Disorders In A Forensic Spanish Population NS Silvia Ram’rez
292 Assessing The Level Of Mental Health Awareness And Public Health Interventions In Western Kenya NS Aphlyne Ouma
304 Effectiveness And Tolerability Of High Doses Of Aripiprazole Once-monthly In Patients With Severe Schizophrenia. A One-year Follow-up. NS Juan J. Fernandez-Miranda
305 Treatment Outcomes Of Patients With Severe Schizophrenia. Role Of Long-acting Antipsychotics. A 6-year Follow-up. NS Silvia Diaz-Fernandez
318 Paliperidone Palmitate Effect On Negative, Depression/anxiety, Patient Functioning And Extrapyramidal Symptoms In Non-acute Schizophrenia Patients Previously Unsuccessfully Treated With Oral Aripiprazole NS Andreas Schreiner
319 Functional Outcomes With Once-monthly Paliperidone Palmitate In Acute And In Non-acute Patients With Schizophrenia Previously Unsuccessfully Treated With Oral Antipsychotics NS Andreas Schreiner
320 Clinical And Functional Response To Paliperidone Palmitate In Early Schizophrenia A Retrospective Observational Study In Newly Diagnosed Patients Treated Over A 12-month Period NS Andreas Schreiner
321 Early Schizophrenia Patients Treated With Once-monthly Paliperidone Palmitate Over A 12-month Period - A Retrospective Observational Study NS Andreas Schreiner
322 Tolerability, Safety And Treatment Response Of Flexibly-dosed Paliperidone Palmitate In Patients Hospitalized For An Exacerbation Of Schizophrenia NS Andreas Schreiner
323 A Case Series Of Patients With Schizoaffective Disorder In A Mood Disorder Unit NS Jiangbo Ying
338 Mental Health Literacy And The Belief In The Supernatural NS Leslie Lim
347 Prevalence And Correlates Of Non-medical Stimulant And Related Drug Use In A Sample Of South African Undergraduate Medical Students NS Mari Retief
348 Differences In Quality Of Life And Resilience In Paramedic Trainees Between Enrolment Date And Three Months Following Exposure To Work Related Trauma NS Erine Bršcker
351 Larger striatal gray matter volume in Social Anxiety Disorder - a voxel-based morphometry multi-center mega-analysis NS Janna Marie Bas-Hoogendam
357 Serial Ketamine Infusion In Severe And Treatment Resistant Depression And Preventing Recurrence: A Case Report NS Habib Erensoy
358 Epileptic Seizure Due To Disulfiram Treatment, A Case Report NS Habib Erensoy
366 Factors Affecting The Social Adaptation Of Patients With Drug Dependence NS Furkat Bakhramov
367 Association Between Serum Uric Acid Level And Personality NS Yasuko Fuse-Nagase
374 Synthetic Cannabis For Treatment Of Cannabis Dependency: A Systematic Review NS Anees Bahji
389 Mapping Of Unrecorded Local Alcohol Beverages In Borneo Island, Malaysia NS Ahmad Hatim Sulaiman
391 Inflammation And Neurodegeneration Findings In Early Stage Bipolar Disorder NS Sercan Karabulut
405 Parenting Style And Other Factors Associated With Social Phobia Among Students Of Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-ife Osun State. NS Kolawole Mosaku
406 First Episode Psychosis NS Sayed Mohammad Sultan
421 Linking Brain Dopamine Neuron To Novelty Seeking And Cognitive Flexibility In Opioid Dependence NS San-Yuan Huang
426 Efficacy Of Vortioxetine On Cognitive Function In Working Subjects With Major Depressive Disorder (MDD) NS Michael Christensen
427 Minimal Clinically Important Difference And Treatment Response Determination For UCSD Performance-based Skills Assessment In Major Depressive Disorder (MDD) NS Michael Christensen
428 Impact of Vortioxetine on Functional Capacity in Major Depressive Disorder (MDD) Patients With Cognitive Dysfunction: A UCSD Performance-Based Skills Assessment Analysis NS Michael Christensen
435 New Instrument In Measuring Alcohol Consumption During Pregnancy And Postpartum NS Mas Ayu Said
458 Oxytocin And Cortisol Blood Levels In A Sample Of Eating Disorders NS Diaz Marsa Marina
463 Publication Of Randomised Clinical Trials In Ptsd: A Systematic Review NS Sharain Suliman
483 Auditory Processing Is Associated With Emotional Sensitivity And Impulsivity: A Pivotal Study Using Electrophysiological Measures NS Ji Sun Kim
514 Achieving Symptomatic Remission In Treatment Of Patients With Schizophrenia Spectrum Disorders Improves Their Perceived Quality Of Life NS Lars Helldin
520 Alcohol-induced Psychotic Disorder - A Review NS Gerhard Jordaan
521 Parents Weight And Skills Comments Related Influences On Their Childrens Eating Attitudes NS Carmen Iranzo-tatay
523 Menarche And Heritability Of Disordered Eating Attitudes And Behaviors NS Luis Rojo-Moreno
530 Personal Control, Social Problem-solving, And Social Adjustment In Obsessive-compulsive Disorder. NS Claude BŽlanger
540 Psychiatric Morbidity Among Student Population NS M Asuncion Pino
541 Parkinson's Disease, Psychosis And Use Of Neuroleptics: About A Sample Of 10 Cases NS Carlos Soler
552 A Preliminary Investigation Into The Relationship Between Self-perceived Stress And Health And Functioning In Shared Roots Study Participants NS Leigh Van Den Heuvel
561 Depression In An Individual With Hollowness In The Thumb And Widened Posterior Epidural Space NS Ranjan Bhattacharyya
563 Aripiprazole Long Acting Injectable Combined With Clozapine NS Josep Tarrago
577 Integrating A Mood Mobile App
In A Cognitive Behavioural Therapy Intervention For Depression, A Multiple Baseline Study With Four Canadian Patients
NS RŽal Labelle
579 Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation Of The Supplementary Motor Area In The Treatment Of Obsessive-compulsive Disorder: A Multi-site Study NS Emily R. Hawken
583 Neural Correlates Of Eye Dominance Effects In Face Perception NS Wookyoung Jung
587 The Evaluation Of Motor Cortex Excitability Measures And The Association Of These Measures With Clinical Course In Patients With Obsessive Compulsive Disorder NS Selcuk Simsek
612 Attentional Bias In Patients With Mdd Who Have Suicidal Tendency NS Seungyeon Baik
613 A Bifactor Analysis Of Clinical Assessment Interview For Negative Symptoms (cains) In Schizophrenia NS Seon-kyeong Jang
623 In The Eye Of The Beholder NS Eileen Thomas
634 A Suicidal Crisis Plan For Depressed And Suicidal Adolescents NS J Jacques Breton
651 Air Show Syndrome (ass) And Aviation Accidents NS Marian Macander
665 Measures Of Child Development: Screening And Parental Psycho-education On Perinatal Mental Health Problems And Early Childhood Developmental Delays NS Deborah Van Der Westhuizen
682 Polypharmacy In Psychiatry NS Eleanor Holzapfel
695 Self-assessment of The Negative Symptom of Apathy in First Episode Psychosis NS Ann Faerden
715 Othello Syndrome NS B.T. Latecki
730 Smaller Cingulate And Hippocampal Volumes After Child Trauma: Meta-analysis Of 26 Adult Vbm Studies NS Nynke A. Groenewold
734 Is Value-based Psychosocial Healthcare Possible In Care Of The Elderly? NS Ryan Fuller
166 The Matrix Of Artistic Creativity: From Disappearance Fantasy To Capability To Imagine. PSY_TH Luca Giorgini
342 Client Motivation For Therapy Scale Adaptation To Turkish: Reliability And Validity Study PSY_TH …mer …zer
38 Dissociative Fugue In A Depression Postpartum In A Male And Psychosis Postpartum In A Male. A Gender Perspective In Two Clinical Reports, A New Approach SOC Margarita Saenz-herrero
52 Family Based Treatment:Effective Multidisciplinary Approach SOC Sushma Taylor
97 The Thai National Mental Health Survey 2013: Prevalence Of Mental Disorders In Megacities: Bangkok SOC Patanon Kwansanit
113 Anxiety And Depression In High-performance Athletes SOC Ezequiel Di Stasio
124 Internalized Stigma Of Mental Illness In Ghana SOC Yasmin Mohammed
198 Gender Role Stress Among College Students: The Role Of Childhood Trauma, Attachment, And Shame SOC Can Misel Kilciksiz
235 Household water insecurity, missed schooling among children in rural Uganda, and the mediating role of maternal depression SOC Christine Cooper-vince
249 Results Of Specific Psychiatric Care Programs For Severe Mental Illness In Homeless Population. SOC Sergio Sanchez Alonso
263 Trends In Activity Participation In A Forensic Population Of Mental Health Care Users In Gauteng, South Africa SOC Cassandra Brooke
265 Job Satisfaction Of Physicians And Teachers On Regular Verses Contract Basis Jobs. SOC Imtiaz Ahmad
288 Mental Illnesses Among Us: A Community Perspective. SOC Grace Gachanja
368 Japanese Undergraduate Students Who Require Temporary Leave From School, Drop Out Of School, And Repeat The Same Year Because Of Some Mental Disorder SOC Yasuko Fuse-Nagase
386 investigation Of Internet Usage Habits And Familial Factors And Cognitive Schemas Association Of Young individuals SOC Inci Inceleme
397 Beck Hopelessness Scale: Psychometric Properties And Determinants Of Hopelessness In Family Caregivers Of Nigerian Patients With Psychiatric Disorders In Southwestern Nigeria SOC Olutayo Aloba
422 Pregnancy Planning - Does It Matter? Lessons Learned From South- African Women Diagnosed With Serious Mental Illness SOC Elsa Du Toit
447 Assesment of emerging behavioural disorder SOC Awadhesh P Singh Solanki
491 From The Experts Eyes: Mental Health Stigma In Malaysia SOC Ainul Hanafiah
518 Professionals And Patients Perspectives Towards Disclosing Incidental Findings Of Pleiotropic Results: Preliminary Findings From An Online Survey Distributed To Students. SOC Jacqui Steadman
557 Anxiety Of Adolescents Of 12 And 18 Years Of Madeira-portugal SOC Helena Gonalves Jardim
564 Social Distance And Atitude Of Medical Students Towards Patients With Mental Illness SOC Babatunde Fadipe
666 Mental Health And Quality Of Life Of Female Foreign Domestic Workers In Singapore: Isolation, Stressors, Coping Mechanisms And Policy Implications SOC Sabrina Anjara
678 Mental Health In Civil Aviation SOC Eddie Pak
702 An Evaluation Of Psychological Distress And Social Support Of Survivors And Contacts Of Ebola Virus Disease Infection And Their Relatives In Lagos, Nigeria: A Cross Sectional Study 2014 SOC Abdulaziz Mohammed
706 The Visual Screening Tool For Anxiety Disorders And Depression For Patients With Diabetes And Hypertension SOC Zimbini Ogle

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